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What our users say:


"I sometimes get too much attention from people I do not know or trust when I am out, and as a single woman in a big city with lots of street crime and assaults against women, having PanciGuard really has given me peace of mind when I am out and about."

Naadiya, Student, London, UK.


"I have two kids in University and I am just your typical mom, always worrying about my children's safety! SmartShield has proven on itself on a couple of occasions to be an extremely useful safety service, and safety is what I want for my kids."

Alice Jones, 54, Manchester, UK.


"As a realtor, I work alone most of the time and often at night when I have to show houses to potential customers. SmartShield put my mind and that of my husband at rest, because all I have to do is shake the phone and my loved ones instantly knows exactly where I am and that I could be trouble whilst also being able to see and hear what is going on where I am! I would recommend this service to anyone, who is concerned about their personal safety."

Louise Preston, Dallas, TX, USA.


"I was stalked by my ex-partner for months and I was always afraid to leave my own house as he would come out of nowhere and start to abuse me verbally. I have used SmartShield to get my confidence back, and it has helped to deter him from approaching me again as he now knows that he no longer can do it in secrecy!"

Janet Zimmerman, Frankfurt, Germany.

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